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Inspirating in daily life


We aim to revitalise antique and unique goods; give them a new lease of life. We hope to take beautiful items: furniture, homeware, accessories, to reupholster , to renew, to revalue and rehome them, and to make them timeless. Our products hold their history and story close to them, but are ready to make tales for themselves also.

Without any organization, the existence of a disordered chapter. But one that is able to be stored, despite this.

It could be a piece of driftwood wood shaped naturally by the seas. A handwritten letter which you'll never hold again. A pillow with a rotting dream inside its fibres. Or a fallen tooth and a burned out joint. The "unenlightened chaos", the world of the unconscious, a museum of rare treasures.

Things have an inexhaustible appeal. It cannot be said that they belong to human beings, there are some rare treasures that exist outside of time. But on top of this scent of material beauty and personal value, the existence itself is really incredible. Dust stored in nooks and crannies of shoes and workwear, after a day outside at the grind, represent tiny changes in the microscopic world. Changes like these mean nothing to some, but hold a world of importance to others.

Collect in infinity, from the living to the immortal.

For objects that exist in our lives, the creation itself is a means of demand. Collecting is life itself: a writer can jot down his favourite sentences, a painter can compile a book of his favourite pictures, a chef can write down recipes for his favourite tastes and flavours.  Therefore, creation is itself a collection. This lifestyle is a kind of endless silence, with cogs turning constantly behind the scenes, the magnitude of that change is what makes the universe everything but the essence always returns to the collection.

If we reject classification, if there is no time, space, no old and new, no artificial interpretation; can objects realize the freedom which they should have?

At the Forward Storage, we hope that more people can have a personalized cognition and judgment of our products, and can understand life from a more multi-dimensional perspective.